Management of Uncertainty in Software Economics        It's all about making ship happen.      

M.U.S.E focuses on the following concrete results

  • Comprehending and quantifying the inherent uncertainty involved in software engineering
  • Exploring management approaches and solutions to dealing with the uncertainty
  • Challenges of modern software engineering including
    • Offshore development
    • Buy versus Build
    • Team dynamics
    • Product strategy


Software engineering has suffered from a history of failing to meet delivery expectations.  Various surveys show that upwards of 80% of projects are challenged to meet delivery expectations.  While some surveys show some improvements over the years, they still show that overall the industry suffers from challenges with uncertainty and estimation.  And while there has been a significant focus on the challenges associated with software delivery, often the biggest uncertainty is on the value side of the equation.  Even with so many "challenged" projects, software has made a transformational impact on society.  In this project we explore the challenges of managing software projects and the delivery of value facing the reality of uncertainty on both value and cost.


Name Affiliation Phone  
Prof. Dr. C. Verhoef VU +31 20 5987760 Thesis advisor
Todd Little IHS +1 713 504 5365 Ph.D. candidate

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Earlier Publications by Todd Little
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